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Please contribute to the creation and exhibition of this sculpture

PLEASE CLICK "READ MORE" BUTTON DOWN TO THE RIGHT... I'm trying to raise money to make this historical marker sculpture and to find it a permanent home.   Or a few permanent homes. Or a bunch of temporary homes. It will be cast aluminum and acrylic paint and will stand 96" x 36" x 4". I'm incentivizing donations with cool prizes: Contribute this:              Get this: $10                  1 ‘Unarmed Black Men’ postcard $20                  3 ‘Unarmed Black Men’ postcards $50                  1 set of 8 postcards (one each of 8 different sculptures, including this one) $100                1 set of 6 self-adhesive stickers (various sizes) of   ‘Unarmed Black Men’                             and 1 set of 7 postcards $200                Set of 20 folded thank you cards and envelopes. $500                1 signed poster, 2 sets of stickers and 2 sets of postcards $1000              1 signed, framed (